About Daily Panghimagas

Hey, before anything else, thanks for being interested in knowing more about Daily Panghimagas.

This project started out like most curator blogs – out of a personal desire to collect.

What did I want to collect here exactly?

I just want to capture the pop culture stream.


The longest job I held was doing research at a media conglomerate (A TV network-record label-movie producer-cable provider-radio station network-magazine publisher-digital publisher-public service foundation, among other things).

For years, my job was to apply social science skills to TV shows, movies, music and magazines (My favorite project involved nationwide focus groups to figure out what makes a hit song in the Philippines).


I moved to a digital production team after that, and I was both excited and annoyed at the thought that Filipinos knew so little about what content we loved on digital platforms.

I would see strategist after strategist showing slides using American data to propose Filipino websites and apps.  Mostly because there wasn’t a lot of local, proprietary data.

So much data, So little….analysis.

Me, I love analyzing content.  When I did research work for TV, radio, print and cinema – you had to pay research services just to find out what people watched, read and listened to the most.

Online though – data patterns are everywhere.  Most Read, Most Viewed, Most Commented, Most Shared.

You just have to capture and dissect them.

So here is my shout into the void.

My way of saying “This is the Philippine sub-conscious.”

This is what we gravitate towards, talk about and look at in the privacy of our screens.

For more in-depth patterns, just message me, I’ll be glad to help.




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